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A Raphael and Thomas production, in association with International Arts Inc., and sponsored by The House of Knowledge,
We proudly present;

Special Quadrilaterals, Churchill, a Canadian, and the extremist sect:

(Hey Kids! You can read along at home by looking at the script Here!)

Michael and Evan Proudly Present Robert's Radical Rhombi

Jenna and Julia's Video: Story Time With Grams

Matt S.

Andrea W.

Hannah and Jordan Take Madeira

the script for this xtranormal can be found on Hannah's page or Jordan's under the link Hannah and Jordan Take Madeira

Julianne and Lily's Scavenger Hunt

Katie and Maggie's Quadrilateral Adventure

Bette and Emma: It's a Kite!

Maddie and Caitlyn: The Adventures of Mr. Phelps and Puppy

Evan and Sam: Superheros

James O'C: The indian and the settler

Burke and Max Present: Gift to the First Americans

Grant and Maggie P's Family of Polygons!

Alex and Preston's Attack of the Quadrilaterals

Stephen and Nate's Churchill and Napoleon

Abby, Dana and Amy's Gangster Rap

Matt B and John M: Quadrilaterals at the Office

Lydia S's Xtranormal