Here is a GeoGebra Math Contest that any of you could win, and to prove it, this will be your next GeoGebra Challenge. You (and a partner if you desire) should create an entry in the World Math Day Constructivist Medal Challenge. The Entry Deadline is March 11, 2011. You should have your submission ready by March 4 in case there needs to be some tweaking. I doubt if there is ANY STUDENT IN THE WORLD that knows how to make GeoGebra sing like you all can! Look over EVERYTHING you have done this year. Look over your old applets. Think of something new to create! This is your chance to SHINE in front of the WHOLE WORLD and to show everyone that you can compete with ANYONE IN THE WORLD!

Week of 10/25/10

Construct two points that are
  1. move along paths that intersect perpendicularly,
  2. controlled by 1 slider,
  3. one point arrives at the intersection point of the paths 1 second before the other, and
  4. one point moves twice as fast as the other point

Week of 11/1/10

Create and embed an applet on your wiki page that shows how the altitudes, perpendicular bisectors, and medians work. You should include a check box to hide and reveal things, as well appropriate as "DECORATIONS" to illustrate the correct markings on your triangle. You should also include some text to describe any significant features of the special segments.

Week of 11/8/10

Create and embed and applet that uses the SEQUENCE[] Command in a creative way. You have a lot of freedom, here. However, you need to make explicit how you used the SEQUENCE[] command to do the dirty work. You will need to use the GeoGebra HELP menu to find out how to use it.

Week of 11/15/10

Create and embed an applet that illustrates the FOUR ISOMETRIES and their COORDINATE RULES. I know John has already done something this. Perhaps he could modify his applet so that the Coordinate Rules can be modified by a slider? I can also show anyone who wants it how to include make a TEXT BOX with DYNAMIC TEXT.

Week of 11/29/10

Create and embed an applet in your page that clearly illustrates the steps you go through to find the coordinates of the image of a point when reflecting over a line. You may want to include, under the VIEW menu, the Navigation Bar for Construction Steps. Ask me about Breakpoints.

PLEASE keep in mind the size of your applet and how it will look on your page!

Week of 12/6/10

Play around with GeoGebra3D this week. You will not be able to embed an applet (yet), but you should be able to export the 3D view to a picture, which you can upload. Try to do something that will illustrate the things we will do with a box this week.

Winter Break Construction Challenge!

I am VERY concerned that you stay sharp with your geometry skills and GeoGebra skills over the Winter Break. Therefore, here is a fun thing to do. Read over John and Betty's Journey into Complex Numbers. Page particular attentions to an Argand Diagram, Multiplying in Polar Form, and Relating Polar to Cartesian.

GeoGebra can be used to represent complex numbers quite easily. See the screencast below to see how easy it is to do!

Go ahead and make and embed an applet in GeoGebra (not in 3D) that can be used to illustrate one of the concepts/chapters in John and Betty's Journey into Complex Numbers. Then, make a SHORT screencast to accompany your applet, describing HOW your applet illustrates the concept/chapter.

Week of 1/14/11

As shown in the (silent) screencast below, I constructed an arbitrary quadrilateral ABCD. I then constructed the midpoints of the sides of the quadrilateral, constructing a new quadrilateral EFGH. This new quadrilateral certainly looks like something familiar. Create your own screencast of this construction, then, using the GeoGebra tools, confirm that this quadrilateral is what it is using any 2 of our 5 ways for proving it is so. Essentially, you are creating an audio proof.