Problem-6, Portfolio

The rocket can hold 20 gallons but can go 60 miles per gallon. So that means Jamie can go 1,200 miles total before running out of gas

Now that we now she can go 1,200 miles we have to find the time it will take her to run out. Use the formula

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B1200%7D%7B268.456%7D%3D4.47 hours

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B1200%7D%7B4.47%7D%3D268.328 minutes

Plug in the 4.47 into the parametric equations because that gives you the time divided by minutes.
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=x%3D-4%2B2(4.47) external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=x%3D4.49
to get y you can graph it as x=4.49 and find the intersection points