Lorraine is driving down Camargo Road on the line -19.15x + 30.01y = 50.72 on her way to Marathon. She is driving at a constant speed of 25mph. She starts at the point (2.36, 3.19). From the place Lorraine starts until the intersection on Euclid, Camargo is 2,880 feet in distance.

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What are the two parametric equations that can be used to find x and y?

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=t%2B2.36%3Dx
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=0.64t%2B3.19%3Dy

When is Lorraine equadistant from the x and y axis?

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=0.64t%2B3.19%3Dt%2B2.36
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=.64t%2B.83%3Dt
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B.83%7D%7B.36%7D%3D%5Cfrac%7B.36t%7D%7B.36%7D
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=2.30556%3Dt

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=0.64%282.30556%29%2B3.19%3Dy%0A
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=4.66556%3Dy%0A

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=2.30556%2B2.36%3Dx
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=4.66556%3Dx

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=(4.66556%2C%204.66556)

When is Lorraine closest to the origin?

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Csqrt%7B(x%2B2.36)%5E2%20%2B(0.64x%2B3.19)%5E2%20%7D%0D%0A

Place this equation into a calculator and find the minimum point on the graph.
Minimum point: (-3.12259, 1.41468)

-3.12259 represents time

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=0.64(-3.12259)%2B3.19%3Dy
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=1.19154%3Dy

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=(-3.12259)%2B2.36%3Dx
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=-0.76259%3Dx

(-.76259, 1.19154)

What is the speed at which Lorraine is moving?

We know that Lorraine is traveling 25mph. To find how fast Lorraine is going in feet, you must do as follows:
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=5280*25%3D132000

132000 is the number of feet she travels in one hour. Next:

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B132000%7D%7B60%7D%3D2200

2200 is the number of feet Lorraine goes in one minute! Then, if needed:

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B2200%7D%7B60%7D%3D36.6667

36.6667 is the number of feet Lorraine can cover in one second.

How long has Lorraine been in the car when she intersects with Stiegler Lane which is 1,080 feet away from where she started?

Equation needed:
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7Bd%7D%7Br%7D%3Dt
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5Cfrac%7B1080%7D%7B36.6667%7D%3Dt

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=29.4545%3Dt

Lorraine had been driving on Camargo for 29.4545 seconds since she started when she passes Stiegler Lane.

After 3 minutes of driving, where is Lorraine located?

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=3(60)%3D180


external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=0.64(180)%2B3.19%3Dy

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=118.39%3Dy

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=180%2B2.36%3Dx

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=182.36%3Dx

external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=(182.36%2C%20118.39)is the location after 3 minutes!